During the construction of this piece, the Quartzite squares were cut from a larger square in the center or the stone. Each Quartzite square was then marked and replaced in the same location & orientation from which it was removed. Every other square was then replaced with the Black Basalt. Thus, maintaining the original flow of this uniquely beautiful grain pattern. This also creates the appearance that the black squares were somehow infused into this solid piece of Quartzite.

Crafted from Fusion (Quartzite) and Black Basalt 

Table stands 26” tall 
Table Top is 20” X 26”
Battle field is 14” x 14”

Pieces: shaped from Fusion (Quartzite) and Black Basalt with white Onyx inlays

Pawns ~ 1.5”
Pieces- 2.5”
Royalty- 3.5”

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